Richard Merz

Richard Merz

Complex and serious criminal cases and police discipline.




Southampton University  LLB


Recorder of the Crown Court
Chair of Police Appeals Tribunals
Appointed to the CPS Advocate Panel at Level 4
Appointed as specialist rape prosecutor
Appointed to the CPS Serious Crime Panel at Level 4


Member of the Criminal Bar Association and S.E. Circuit.

Overview of Practice

Richard Merz is a highly experienced advocate who acts for both the prosecution and the defence in the more complex and serious cases involving sexual offences such as serial stranger rapes, cold case rapes, sexual offences committed by persons in positions of public responsibility and relationship rapes, violence including domestic violence, ‘honour crime’, child abuse and human trafficking. He is experienced in dealing with cases involving vulnerable witnesses. As a Recorder, appointed in 2000, he is authorised to try serious sexual offences.

He has also prosecuted for the SFO and defended in complex and serious cases of fraud and drug-related money laundering. As leading counsel, he prosecuted a notable case of industrial-scale invention of bogus asylum stories by a solicitor.

He has represented police officers as leading counsel in high profile cases of death in custody such as the death of Michael Powell, corruption and other misconduct both in the Crown Court and before disciplinary panels. He has also presented cases against police officers. He has been a Chair of Police Appeals Tribunal since 2003 and sits on cases throughout England and Wales.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defence and Prosecution
Fraud and Financial Misconduct
Professional Discipline

Notable Cases

R v M (Woolwich Crown Court, 2017) – Historic rape of cousin.

R v P (Guildford Crown Court, 2017) – Domestic violence and perverting the course of justice.

R v W (Southwark Crown Court, 2016) – Sexual assault by nurse in sexual health clinic.

R v Y (Blackfriars Crown Court, 2016) – Sexual Assault by doctor on patient.

R v C.S.M (Blackfriars Crown Court, 2016) – Gang rape in lift at Waterloo Station.

R v B (Hove Crown Court, 2016) – Drugs/ chopping thumbs off with an axe.

R v N (Croydon Crown Court, 2016) – Child Cruelty showing beheading films.

R v M.S.M (Kingston Crown Court, 2016) – Gang rape.

R v C (Snaresbrook Crown Court, 2015) – Historic sexual abuse of Cathedral chorister by senior chorister. Defendant with dementia.

R v O (Hove Crown Court, 2015) – Rape in arranged marriage.

R v F (Isleworth Crown Court, 2015) – Kidnapping and sexual torture.

R v K (Wood Green Crown Court, 2015) – Rape of own child.

R v R (Wood Green Crown Court, 2015) – Sexual assault by babysitter.

R v S (Woolwich Crown Court, 2014) – Rape of grandchildren.

R v H (Wood Green Crown Court, 2014) – Rape of sex workers/human trafficking.

R v B (Isleworth Crown Court, 2013) – Filmed sexual assault by gang.

R v A (Isleworth Crown Court, 2013) – Sexual assault and showing pornography to child.

R v E (Wood Green Crown Court, 2013) – Rape and sexual assault of daughters.

R v B (Isleworth Crown Court, 2012) – Rape of child.

R v S (Isleworth Crown Court, 2012) – Rape of adult family member.

R v S (Isleworth Crown Court, 2012) – Fraud.

R v PS (Isleworth Crown Court, 2012) – Sexual assault by monk in Temple Shrine room. See R v PS (2013) EWCA Crim 992.

R v M (Southwark Crown Court, 2012) – Child cruelty- failing to give medication.

R v D (Central Criminal Court, 2011) – Contract killing.

R v M (Central Criminal Court, 2011) – Cold case stranger rapes.

R v F (Inner London Crown Court, 2011) – Child cruelty fracturing baby’s legs.

R v B (Wood Green Crown Court, 2011) – Internet fraud selling bogus holidays.

R v H (Wood Green Crown Court, 2010) – Human Trafficking for prostitution.

R v N (Kingston Crown Court, 2009) – Serial rape.

Operation K Wood Green Crown Court (2008) – Money Laundering and drug production.

R v H (Isleworth Crown Court, 2008) – Money laundering £25m drug money.

R v C (Southwark Crown Court, 2007) – Cold case, rape of sex worker.

R v S (Harrow Crown Court, 2007) – Drug related kidnapping and torture.

R v W (Leeds Crown Court, 2007) – SFO case of company fraud.

R v C (Birmingham Crown Court, 2007) – Large scale fraud by police officer.

R v M (Middlesex Crown Court, 2007) – Immigration fraud by solicitor.

R v L (Leicester Crown Court, 2006) – Police Officers Misconduct, assault, death in custody case.