Foundry Chambers is sad to report the death of John Greaves

Foundry Chambers is sad to report the death of John Greaves following a long period of ill-health.

John was a stalwart and much-loved member of Chambers for over 30 years. Called to the Bar in 1973 John was active in politics in the early part of his career and stood, unsuccessfully, as a parliamentary candidate for Labour. Chambers gained enormously from the electorate’s decision.  John had a successful criminal practice but his legal abilities led him to branch into Local Government, Licensing, Judicial Review and regulatory work. John’s excellence as a lawyer, and his engaging personality, appealed to professional and lay clients alike. This proved to be a huge benefit for many Members of Chambers who were able to share in the work that John had introduced via his extensive practice. John was also one of the prime experts in Chambers with regard to Police Discipline and played a key role in Chambers’ reputation as one the of the very top sets in this field.

In his later life John was forced by multiple sclerosis to retire from advocacy, but he continued to sit as a District Judge, a role for which he was eminently well suited. He was a fair and charming Tribunal, at a time when these were not common characteristics of District Judges. The courageous and optimistic way John approached his health problems was inspirational.

John was a kind, gentle man. He was one of the trusted voices in Chambers and highly regarded by the profession and Judiciary.  John was a sensitive and assiduous pupillage supervisor and many current practitioners owe him a great debt. He was a generous colleague and a loyal friend. John will be greatly missed by us all.