Tom Hoskins

Tom Hoskins writes for leading international anti-bribery publication “what you should know” by TRACE on UKBA and Facilitation Payments

Tom Hoskins contributes to a leading international anti-corruption publication by TRACE International, a U.S. based Anti-Corruption organisation that exists to assist businesses in avoiding breaches of international anti-bribery legislation such as the U.S Foreign Corrupt Practises Act and the UK Bribery Act. The book entitled "What you should know about Anti-Bribery Compliance" is available from Amazon and has received impressive reviews from businesses in the U.S, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, being described as a "Great Compendium" and "An excellent resource" from two leading compliance counsel.

Tom recently took time out of his UK practise, which includes fraud and corruption offences, to gain a greater understanding of the international legal framework combatting corruption. Having completed an LL.M in National Security Law at Georgetown University in Washington D.C with a specialism in international corruption (for which he obtained the prize for graduating highest in his class), Tom worked for TRACE International providing its member companies with investigative insight and legal advice regarding mergers, joint ventures and the use of local agents abroad. His chapters on the UK Bribery Act and the legality of Facilitation Payments was borne out of this collaboration. Tom continues to act as TRACE's UK consultant counsel, assisting companies in understanding the UK Bribery ACT and advising on potential liability for involvement in bribery offences.