Nicki Roberson

Nicki Roberson

Nicki is always meticulously well prepared.
A superb advocate, securing excellent results for clients

Nicki Roberson

Nicki is always meticulously well prepared. A superb advocate, securing excellent results for clients



BA (Hons) in History, University of Durham
GDL, BPP Law School
BPTC, BPP Law School


Middle Temple
Criminal Bar Association


CPS Advocate Panel – Level 3

Overview of Practice

Nicki is a versatile criminal practitioner and an experienced jury advocate. She both defends and prosecutes, as a Grade 3 panel advocate, a variety of matters in the Crown Court. Nicki has been instructed as sole counsel in allegations of rape, s.18 GBH, sexual assault, knifepoint robbery, fraud, drugs and money laundering.

She has appeared in the Court of Appeal in relation to a successful appeal against sentence.

She is also a hard-working and effective junior and has been led for the defence in allegations of human trafficking, drug importation, conspiracy to defraud, money laundering and rape. Nicki has also been instructed to prosecute for Trading Standards as a led junior.

Nicki has completed secondments at the SFO, in the Proceeds of Crime Division and the Bribery & Corruption Division.

Before undertaking pupillage, Nicki worked as a paralegal at a criminal defence firm in London. She worked on a range of Crown Court and VHCC cases, including murder, firearms, historic sexual abuse, and large-scale fraud.


Criminal Defence & Prosecution

R v SS (2020) – Defence of vulnerable female. Skeleton argument and written representations to CPS resulted in the offering of no evidence in stabbing case of s.20 wounding.

R v PC (2020) – Successfully defended multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault in a marital setting. Required detailed analysis, and challenge, of forensic evidence, and s.41 YJCEA argument.

R v BH (2020) – Defence (led junior). Successful defence of man of good character in allegations of controlling prostitution for gain, drugs supply, and money laundering.

R v BN (2019) – Defence in allegation of cultivation of cannabis. Successfully relied on human trafficking defence (s.45 Modern Slavery Act), in spite of negative decisions through the National Referral Mechanism.

R v KA (2019) – Defended vulnerable youth in three linked cases. Accepted bases of plea raised issues falling short of a defence under s.45 Modern Slavery Act. D avoided immediate custody.

R v AC (2018) – Defence (led junior). Allegation of stranger rape with background of stalking. D illiterate with low IQ & required significant support throughout trial.

R v LH (2018) – Successfully defended allegation of sexual assault (including suggestion that sword had been wielded at the complainant).

R v RM (2018) – Defence (led junior) in a ‘crash for cash’ conspiracy to defraud.

R v MB (2018) – Successfully prosecuted allegation of blackmail (demand for £25k) & series of frauds against a number of elderly & vulnerable victims.

R v SM (2018) – Successfully prosecuted multi-victim, knifepoint robbery where serious injuries sustained.

R v PM (2017) – Defence (led junior) in conspiracy to import cocaine (100 kgs) from Brazil involving corrupt baggage handlers at Heathrow Airport.

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R v UT (2017) – Successfully prosecuted retrial (jury hung first time) of unprovoked assault, with weapon, on elderly female. Case involved substantial bad character arguments.

R v JB (2016) – Successful appeal against sentence in joint enterprise robbery. CACD reduced sentence from 16 months to 12 months imprisonment.

R v KS (2016) – Successfully defended allegation of theft (£50k) from a 95-year-old who had employed D & her husband as home helps.

R v MG (2016) – Defence (led junior) in a multi-handed human trafficking conspiracy. Three weeks into trial, following successful arguments re. Admissibility of double hearsay, Crown offered no evidence.

R v TD (2016) – Successfully defended in an allegation of drug-related s.20 wounding.

Asset Recovery, Restraint & Confiscation
Nicki has experience of prosecuting and defending in confiscation proceedings in the Crown Court, both as led junior and junior alone. She also has experience of defending enforcement proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court.