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James Gwatkin secures acquittal in assault emergency worker case

James Gwatkin represented MT in a trial that took place between 14/12/2021 and 16/12/2021 at Newport (Isle of Wight) Crown Court. MT, a young man of good character, was charged with assaulting an emergency worker. The Crown’s case was that MT, incapacitated through drink and/or drugs, punched a paramedic who was treating him. The paramedic and three police officers gave evidence for the Crown. The whole incident was captured on body-worn video and evidence of injury was provided. The defence put forward was that contrary to the prosecution witness testimony, no contact was made and the injury was caused by some other means.

Following 90 minutes of deliberations, the jury unanimously acquitted MT of the charge.

James was instructed by Damini Chavda of ABV Solicitors.