John McGuinness KC

John McGuinness QC prosecutes former BBC Presenter for Stalking

Following a 5-week trial at Nottingham CC, Alex Belfield, a former BBC Radio Presenter, was convicted of 4 offences of Stalking.

Mr Belfield was convicted of two charges for Stalking causing serious alarm or distress of Bernard Spedding (aka Bernie Keith) - a broadcaster on BBC Radio Northampton, and Ben Hewis - a videographer.

He was also convicted of ‘simple’ Stalking of Jeremy Vine (Channel 5 and BBC Radio 2 broadcaster); and Philip Dehany - a theatrical blogger.

The stalking in all cases consisted of Mr Belfield sending emails, posting Tweets or sending Facebook messages and publishing videos on YouTube in which he (a) made false claims about - and to - the victims; (b) made abusive and insulting personal comments about them; (c) encouraged others (his followers/ listeners) to contact the victims.

He is due to be sentenced on 16 September.

This case received national attention from the media:

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