Mark Seymour leading James Partridge

Mark Seymour leads James Partridge prosecuting 30 Defs for Perverting CofJ

Foundry Chambers' members, Mark Seymour leading James Partridge have just concluded over 2 years’ work successfully prosecuting to conviction a total of 30x Defs through 5x lengthy trials in 2018/19 for Perverting the Course of Justice.  The case revolved around the corrupt activities of a Field Monitoring Officer called Martin Crean employed by EMS to fit and maintain court-imposed tagged electronically monitored curfews.  Using his inside knowledge, MC solicited bribes and illegitimately removed his clients’ tags, thus allowing his customers to avoid their curfew. On Friday 07.02.20 Martin Crean was finally sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment.

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