Michael Newbold

Michael Newbold instructed in £1.5m confiscation uplift  

Michael Newbold, led by Kennedy Talbot QC of 33 Chancery Lane, appeared on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service Proceeds of Crime in proceedings to increase a confiscation order made by Birmingham Crown Court against Patrick Bijou.

Bijou was convicted in 2010 and made subject to a confiscation order pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 in 2012. At that time his benefit from criminal conduct was found to be £1,950,000 and he was ordered to pay £456,605.57 (later increased to £466,502.73).

Following the discovery of further assets by West Midlands Police, an application was brought by the CPS to increase the amount he was required to pay. Having heard legal argument on the correct interpretation of sections 7 and 22 POCA, the Crown Court varied the order to require payment of the full benefit figure, £1,950,000.