William Hughes KC and James Partridge

William Hughes KC and James Partridge act for defendant acquitted of murder

William Hughes KC and James Partridge represented GB, who was charged with the murder of a 20 year old man at a party in Birmingham earlier this year. The trial took place at Birmingham Crown Court before HHJ Laird KC and a jury. The Prosecution alleged that GB had stabbed the deceased four times with a 'Rambo' knife. During the proceedings, William and James were able to establish that a 3rd party had brought the knife to the location, and that GB had been subject to threats from party goers prior to the killing. GB asserted he acted in self-defence. The jury acquitted GB of murder but convicted of manslaughter. Sentence has been adjourned to the new year.

William and James were instructed by Sunita Mehta of ABV Solicitors