William Hughes KC and Patrick Dennis

William Hughes KC and Patrick Dennis Prosecute County Lines Murder

William Hughes KC and Patrick Dennis prosecuted three young men for the murder of 18 year-old Joe Dix who died in Norwich in January 2022.

Important background evidence in the case centred upon County Lines drug dealing and the interaction with the gang culture existing in Norwich.

The case hinged upon CCTV evidence and, uniquely, evidence recovered from mobile telephones which had been damaged and thrown into local rivers by the Defendants after the murder had taken place. Two of the mobile phones discarded were recovered by specialist Norfolk Police divers and the content eventually interrogated after months of complex forensic analysis.

The three Defendants were convicted of murder and are due to be sentenced at Norwich Crown Court in early October. A fourth defendant charged with assisting an offender was acquitted.

William and Patrick were instructed by Nicola Rice of the Complex Case Unit of the Crown Prosecution Service, East of England

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