Brinder Soora

Prosecutes and defends serious crime.




LLB,  LLM – University of London
BVC – Inns of Court School of Law


CPS Advocate Panel at Level 3


Criminal Bar Association

Overview of Practice

Brinder specialises in crime,  both prosecution and defence.  She is regularly instructed in serious assaults,  sexual offences,  child abuse,  drugs,  serious robberies,  fraud and POCA applications.

Brinder prosecutes for a number of local authorities,  DWP and the National Probation Service.

Brinder has a particular interest in defendants with mental health difficulties.

Notable Cases

R v A & Ors – Led junior in a 5 week trial in a murder by stabbing. Complicated issues dealt with included a dying declaration, hostile witnesses, waiver of privilege in the context of a cut throat defence and a number of bad character applications and cross-applications (Defence).

R v M – Dwelling burglary and possession of an imitation firearm (Defence).

R v R – Arson with intent. Dft threw petrol bombs into an occupied house (Defence).

R v M – S.18. – Dft accused of throwing boiling water over an officer in HMP Pentonville (Prosecution).

R v A-L – Wife accused of stabbing husband (Prosecution).

R v G – Armed robbery of a bookies (Defence).

R v M – Possession of a loaded firearm in public and in a home where young children present (Prosecution).

R v B – Female with mental health difficulties accused of kidnapping a 7 year old schoolgirl (Defence).

R v K – Child abuse and neglect by parents (Defence).

R v M – 15 counts of knife point robberies, stabbing, carjacking, kidnap, handling stolen goods and dangerous driving (Prosecution).

R v D – Bomb hoax by mentally ill Dft at a railway station (Prosecution).

R v O & Ors – Multi-handed (25 dfts) conspiracy to steal during Summer 2011 London riots (Operation Wivern/Serpentine) (Defence).

R v B & Ors – Led Junior. Allegations of abuse by care workers looking after mentally ill residents in a care home (Defence).

R v W & Ors – 5-handed conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs (Defence).

R v N & Ors – 15-handed

R v N – Importation of 1 kg of heroin (Prosecution).

R v A – Historical sexual activity with a female child (aged 3 – 7 years old, ow in her mid-20’s) by male cousin (aged 14 – 18 years old at the time), in the family home (Defence).

R v H – Sexual activity with a child (aged 14 years old) by adult female (mid – 30’s), in circumstances where Defendant was child’s Islamic Teacher, giving lessons at her home. The alleged abuse involved vaginal penetration with child’s penis (Defence).

R v B – Boyfriend alleged to have raped girlfriend; issue of consent (Defence).

R v A – Taxi driver alleged to have raped a young, drunk female passenger (Defence).

R v O – Husband alleged to have raped his wife numerous times (Defence).

R v F – Rape and digital penetration by male of 14 year old niece (Defence).

R v M – False imprisonment and sexual assault (Defence).

R v N – Male with mental health problems accused of sexual assault (Prosecution).

R v B – Female with mental health difficulties accused of sexual assault on an 11 year old female (Defence).

R v A – 10 counts of sexual assaults. Dft had mental health issues and required an intermediary (Prosecution).

R v M – Sexual assault during international football game at Wembley (Defence).

R v D & Ors – Multi-handed immigration, mortgage and benefit fraud conspiracy (Operation Breithorn) (Defence).

R v M – Fraud involving investments in property and banks in Spain. POCA proceedings followed (Prosecution).

R v W – Benefit fraud where defence was identity theft (Prosecution).

R v S – Fraud. Dft accused of pretending to conduct CRB checks. (Prosecution).

R v B and B – Importation of rare lizards (Defence)