Richard Jory QC

Richard Jory KC

‘He is a phenomenal advocate.’

Chambers and Partners (2024)



BA (Hons) 2:1, Modern History and International Relations, University of Reading
Gottlieb Award – Middle Temple


KC (2013)
KC list for SFO Prosecutions (from 2013)
Standing Counsel to Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office (2008 – 11)
Bar Standards Board Conduct Committee (2006 – 2012)
Advocacy trainer – Middle Temple
Middle Temple Hall Committee
Licence to practise in Montserrat

Legal 500 - Leading Silk
Chambers ranked

Overview of Practice

Richard has experience prosecuting and defending in all types of crime, from the most complex murder and historic sexual offences, to drug importation, human trafficking, firearms and corruption. He has particular experience and knowledge in the field of organised crime, and dealing with cases of an international and inter-jurisdictional nature. He is currently instructed by the SFO and separately by the CPS Specialist Fraud Division in investigations concerning allegations of international bribery and corruption.

‘Richard’s ability to prepare and deliver a brilliant speech is unparalleled. His case preparation is flawless and his client care is excellent. He is a superb advocate.’
Legal 500 (2024)
‘He has a presence before the jury which is calming and confidence building.’
Chambers and Partners (2024)
‘He is a phenomenal advocate.’
Chambers and Partners (2024)

Practice Areas

Richard defends and prosecutes in all areas of crime. He has been instructed regularly by the CPS Organised Crime Division, in cases involving organised international criminality. Prior to taking Silk he was the first junior barrister to successfully prosecute a defendant in a murder trial resulting in the imposition of a whole life sentence, the defendant joining a small group of about 30 defendants who will never be released. More recently in 2015-16 he successfully defended the oldest defendant at the time to face trial in a UK court on a series of historic sexual abuse allegations.

Cases of interest include

R v R (Isleworth Crown Court, 2023) –Defence counsel, leading James Gwatkin, in murder trial. Defendant pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the first opportunity but denied murder on the basis of lack of intent to kill or cause really serious injury. The defendant and deceased had both attended a mutual friend’s birthday party. Both were drunk, and a fight started between the deceased and a third party. In an attempt to stop the fight the defendant struck the deceased to the head with a builder’s shovel. Acquitted by the jury.

R v T (Kingston Crown Court, 2023) – Prosecution counsel in case concerning sexual assault of multiple complainants including child under 12. Evidence adduced under section 28 procedure.

R v A (Isleworth Crown Court, 2023) – Defence counsel in case against fashion designer accused of raping one of his models. The defendant produced items from home and invited the complainant to his address to try on some of the clothes. It was not in dispute that during the course of the visit the defendant had sexual intercourse with the complainant. Issue of consent. Acquitted by the jury.

R v M (Central Criminal Court, 2022) – Known as the ‘Salcombe Murder’ or the ‘Body in the Suitcase’. Lead defence counsel for Jemma Mitchell, the London-based Christian osteopath convicted of killing her friend Mee-Kuen Chong, placing her body in a suitcase, decapitating her and transporting her remains to be deposited in Salcombe in Devon. This case involved the first live televised sentencing in England following a murder trial, and the first live televised sentencing of a woman defendant

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R v H (Guildford CC, 2022) – Lead counsel for the Prosecution, instructed by Richard Link of the CPS South East Complex Case Unit on behalf of the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit. Richard led Warwick Tatford in the case of Mark Hobbs who, after a seven week trial at Guildford Crown Court, was found guilty on 24 May of being concerned in a conspiracy to supply cocaine. Hobbs was part of an Organised Crime Group which operated between Columbia, Spain and the UK. The case covered a two and a half year period of investigation, involving extensive cooperation with overseas agencies, surveillance, and the use of encrypted phone data gathered in Operation Venetic, the national investigation into Encrochat material.

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R v K (Central Criminal Court, 2021) – Leading Jessica Tate, secured an acquittal for a 19-year-old charged with murder and attempted murder as part of a gang-related feud concerning drug dealing ‘territories.’ The victim in question was shot with a firearm discharged from the back of a moped with a second intended victim surviving the incident with gunshot wounds. Three men had previously been found guilty of murder and attempted murder. The issues in the trial included the knowledge required by secondary participants to be guilty of the offence and the correct application of joint enterprise principles under R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8 [87].

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R v A (Southwark Crown Court, 2021) – Lead defence counsel for the first defendant in a conspiracy to import and supply half a tonne of cocaine, valued at £32m. The case was heavily reliant on the presentation of electronic and digital evidence, in particular phone and cell site material, and the location of computer IP addresses.

R v N (Stafford Crown Court, 2020) – Lead defence counsel in baby-shaking case. Represented young mother with learning difficulties alleged to have caused permanent and life-changing injuries to her 7-week old baby.

R v S (Northampton Crown Court, 2019) – Lead defence counsel for S, the first defendant in a five-handed murder trial. The prosecution case was that the armed assault within the victim’s home was carried out as a revenge attack against a rival drug dealer. S was the only defendant acquitted of murder, all other defendants were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with minimum periods to serve of between 28 and 34 years. S was sentenced to 14 years concurrent for manslaughter and conspiracy to rob, meaning he should be released within 7 years.

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R v M (Canterbury Crown Court, 2019) – Lead prosecution counsel in multi-handed modern slavery and trafficking case, involving the organised recruitment of vulnerable individuals from Eastern Europe and subsequent exploitation in the UK

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R v R (Cardiff Crown Court, 2019) – Lead defence QC in joint enterprise knife murder.

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R v P, B and H (Isleworth CC, 2018) – Prosecution of UK Border Force Officer and others for large scale firearm and drug importation.

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R v M (Oxford CC, 2018) – Defence, attempted murder. Defendant suffering from paranoid schizophrenia randomly attacking jogger. Sentenced to indefinite detention under hospital order.

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R v H (Bristol Crown Court, 2018) – Defence of mother tried for manslaughter and child cruelty of 3 month old baby.

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R v C (Maidstone Crown Court, 2017) – Murder of vulnerable individual in his own home, the deceased having suffered a series of fatal injuries to his head and body in a particularly violent attack. There were no witnesses to the murder, but evidence indicated forced entry to the premises, and forensic officers recovered the defendant’s fingerprints on an oven next to the deceased’s body.

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R v J (Reading Crown Court, 2017) – Lead defence counsel in multiple rape counts and perverting the course of justice. Defendant acquitted on all sexual allegations, received suspended sentence.

R v M (Manchester Crown Court, 2017) – Privately instructed defence of individual charged with death by careless driving who suffered catastrophic injuries, including total blindness, following motor accident in which his uncle died. Not guilty plea entered, subsequent pressure exerted on prosecuting authority resulted in no evidence being offered.

R v R (Central Criminal Court, 2016) – Prosecution of member of organised crime group concerned in the nationwide supply and distribution of controlled drugs, and associated money laundering.

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R v B (Manchester Crown Court, 2015) – Prosecution of HMRC investigator for conspiracy to cheat and misconduct in public office. Two witnesses gave evidence for the Crown following their own guilty pleas, pursuant to the procedure set down in section 73 SOCPA 2005.

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R v JM (Barnstaple Crown Court, 2015 – 16) – Lead defence counsel in allegations of historic abuse. Oldest defendant to date to be tried in a Crown Court in England and Wales. Acquitted at two trials, further proceedings stayed.

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R v M (Chichester Crown Court, 2015) – Defence of historic sexual abuse from the 1970’s, defendant acquitted after trial.

R v H & Others (Central Criminal Court, 2014) – Large scale drugs conspiracy involving importation of drugs from South America and Europe, and onward distribution in the UK.

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R v E and others, R v. H and others (Winchester Crown Court, 2012 – 2014) – Linked cases involving the prosecution of 14 defendants involved in the commercial importation of cocaine from South America through Portsmouth docks.

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R v O & Others (Central Criminal Court, 2014) – Joint enterprise axe murder by West London gang. Defendant acquitted of murder, convicted of lesser offence of manslaughter.

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R v G (Woolwich Crown Court, 2014) – Represented defendant in case concerning conspiracies to possess firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life. Offences committed while serving sentence of life imprisonment.

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R v K (Wood Green Crown Court, 2014) – Lead counsel in domestic murder involving Morgan Stanley employee with gambling addiction and mental health issues.

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R v M (Guildford Crown Court, 2013) – Prosecution of 18 year old paranoid schizophrenic who killed his best friend while under the influence of drink and drugs.

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R v L (Central Criminal Court, 2013) – Lead defence counsel in case of murder, manslaughter, false imprisonment and preventing a lawful burial. Defendant was the only individual acquitted in case of alleged torture by members of Polish gang.

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R v I (Court of Appeal, 2013) – Represented the ‘M25 rapist’ in seeking leave to appeal where convictions from 2002 were used retrospectively as evidence of propensity to rape in 1987.

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R v C (Guildford Crown Court, 2012) – Prosecution of young man who killed his uncle during psychotic episode. Charged with murder, defendant pleaded guilty to manslaughter on basis of diminished responsibility.

R v N (Aylesbury Crown Court, 2012) – Represented defendant alleged to be part of conspiracy to import cocaine from South America. Proceedings stayed for abuse of process after legal argument.

R v B (Guildford Crown Court, 2011) – Prosecution of defendant who stabbed to death a mother of three, hours after meeting her. Baxendale joins a list of about 30 current prisoners in the UK serving life with a whole life tariff.

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R v Q (Reading Crown Court, 2011) – Defendant was charged with dangerous driving, threats to kill, causing GBH with intent and attempted GBH by driving deliberately at a group of people.

R v M (Oxford Crown Court, 2010) – Possession of various class “A” drugs with intent to supply.

R v K (Reading Crown Court, 2010) – Young offender involved in group attack causing serious injuries to victims (section 18 GBH)

R v N (Reading Crown Court, 2010) – Robbery trial, joint enterprise in planned and targeted attack of high value victim at his house.

R v C, B and M (Kingston Crown Court, 2010) – Prosecution of three young offenders for assault leaving the victim with life threatening injuries. Many young and reluctant witnesses for the prosecution.

R v Z (Blackfriars Crown Court, 2009 – 2010) – Prosecution of firearms offences including possession of expanding ammunition.

R v P CPS (Kingston Crown Court, July 2009) – Murder prosecution, concerning hit and run driver deliberately driving at victim after an earlier altercation in a pub.

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Operation Moorthorpe (RCPO, Wood Green, April 2009) – Largest seizure of cannabis [four tonnes] by Metropolitan Police.

R v W (Kingston Crown Court, 2009) – Defendant involved in attack leading to serious injuries suffered by the victim.

R v Q (Reading Crown Court, 2009) – Death by dangerous driving.

R v D (Manchester Crown Court, 2008) – Represented premiership footballer in contempt of court proceedings after failure to attend for trial of Joey Barton.

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R v T (Reading Crown Court, 2008) – Rape. Issues concerning consent where allegation of aiding and abetting.

R v M (Central Criminal Court, 2008) – Gross negligence/unlawful act manslaughter.

R v S (Oxford Crown Court, 2007 – 2008) – Police operation involving extensive surveillance evidence, proceedings stayed on basis of second limb abuse of process ‘unfair to try’ argument.

R v A (CPS, Central Criminal Court, led by Mark Dennis QC, 2008) – Murder.

Operation Slogan (Prosecuted nationwide, 2007 – 2008) – Series of linked opium importations from Iran and Afghanistan.

R v B (Oxford Crown Court, 2007) – 16 year old accused of attempted murder.

R v H and others (Kingston Crown Court, 2006 – 2007) – Acted as independent counsel in DWP prosecution concerning international trade in counterfeit pharmaceuticals, mostly from China and Far East.

R v B (Central Criminal Court, 2006) – Murder. Farmer killed wife and disposed of body.

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R v D and others (Reading Crown Court, 2005) – Conspiracy to supply class ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ from a number of properties in Reading. Eight defendants subject to months of audio and visual surveillance by Thames Valley police.

R v D (Central Criminal Court, 2003) – Murder. Student at Brunel University stabbed flatmate in excess of seventy times.

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R v A (Lewes Crown Court, 2001) – Junior counsel in murder led by Michael Wood QC

Richard accepts direct access instructions.

As former Standing Counsel to the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office Richard has successfully acted in cases of complex fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and other financial criminality. He is regularly instructed by the CPS Central Fraud Division. Richard is on the SFO’s list of approved prosecuting QCs. He was lead counsel in the first SFO prosecution that went to trial of a UK national charged with overseas corruption of a foreign government. He has used his experience prosecuting to good effect in regularly achieving results defending in cases of fraud.

Cases of interest include:

R v L (Norwich Crown Court, 2023): Prosecution of Senior Partner of firm of Solicitors in Norwich. Believing he had won a postcode lottery in Spain and having himself been the victim of an advance fee fraud, Mr Lansdell exhausted his own private funds before raiding the accounts of clients of his firm. In a two year period he defrauded clients of a total of £1,963,659.44. Mr Lansdell initially pleaded not guilty to a single count of Fraud by Abuse of Position but four days before trial he changed his plea to guilty. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment. Richard was instructed by Emma Beazley of the CPS Serious Economic Organised Crime and International Directorate.

R v C (Montserrat High Court, 2022) – Lead counsel for the prosecution of Warren Cassell, a practising attorney, who was unanimously convicted by a jury on 22 June 2022 of concealing or disguising the proceeds of criminal conduct following trial at the Montserrat High Court. Mr Cassell hijacked a Montserrat-based property company owned by two American citizens. His dishonest scheme saw him produce numerous documents which he provided to the Land Registry to persuade them to accept him as a legitimate director of the company. He then set about selling off individual plots of land and received funds to the value of EC$855,340. When challenged, he threatened one of the directors with court action and costs. Mr Cassell was sentenced by Mr Justice Stanley John to a prison term of 3 years 6 months, taking into account time previously served. Richard led Henry Gordon and was instructed by the DPP of Montserrat, Mr Oris Sullivan.

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R v T (Wood Green Crown Court, 2018) – Defence, Fraud by False Representation under sections 1 and 2 Fraud Act 2006. Financial Director who systematically syphoned company pension payments into accounts set up for personal benefit, leading to the collapse of company.

R v A (Southwark Crown Court, 2016 – 17) – Defence, Conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. Case concerned the multi-million pound sale and purchase of performance vehicles on an international scale, with related allegations of fraud and accounting irregularities. Substantial pre-trial legal submissions resulted in the Crown offering no evidence across the Indictment, with not guilty verdicts entered on all Counts.

R v S (Southwark Crown Court, 2014) – Prosecution for fraudulent trading. Defendant was an FSA registered financial advisor. In a 19 year period he defrauded at least 30 investors of a total exceeding £4.3m.

R v C (Southwark Crown Court, 2014) – Prosecution of London based accountant who engaged in an elaborate fraud involving the setting up and operation of overseas companies and holdings. The defendant syphoned in excess of £5m of investors’ funds into accounts under his control.

R v P (Manchester Crown Court, 2013) – Prosecution of two directors of Ice Blue Developments Limited, a Preston based property development company, involving fraudulent overclaim of approximately £1 million in VAT from the revenue.

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R v R, W and O (Blackfriars Crown Court, 2013) – Lead counsel in multi million pound mortgage fraud.

R v L (Southwark Crown Court, 2012) – Instructed by the SFO in case concerning corruption of Governor of State Bank of Vietnam.

R v M and F (Kingston Crown Court, 2012) – Prosecution for tax fraud of two directors of company providing technical drawings for the Shard and other large scale building projects.

Operation Tartrate (Southwark Crown Court 2010 – 2011) – Lead counsel in prosecution of large scale duty evasion by organised crime group with Mafia links abroad. Total of 16 defendants prosecuted.

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Op Upward (Southwark Crown Court, 2010) – Lead counsel in prosecution of complex £35m money laundering fraud, where money service bureaus were set up and used specifically for the purposes of laundering cash.

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Op Tulan (Southwark Crown Court, 2010) – Two linked prosecutions of organised charity frauds. Case involved a number of separate individuals and organisations defrauding award giving bodies throughout the UK. Successful prosecution led to reorganisation of award granting system.

R v K (Southwark Crown Court, 2007) – Conspiracy to transfer money under money laundering provisions of POCA 2002. £2.3 million fraud involving information provided from corrupt bank official to launder funds.

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R v G (RCPO, Ipswich Crown Court, led by Simon Draycott QC, 2005 – 2008) – International money laundering and drug trafficking using high performance rigid hull inflatable boats.

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R v H and others (Basildon Crown Court, 2002 – 2003) – Largest DTI prosecution of its time, involved the creation of fictional companies by six defendants and subsequent multi million pound deception of investors.

R v B (Croydon Crown Court, 2002) – SFO prosecution. Financial director of FTSE 250 company involved in price fixing by manipulation of corporate accounts and the systematic suppression of trading information.

R v G (Kingston Crown Court, 2001) – SFO prosecution. Reinsurance fraud, company director diverted over £1 million to fictional client accounts.

Richard has experience in advising and acting in large scale confiscation proceedings, often involving assets concealed in foreign jurisdictions.

Richard has acted for local authorities, and in particular for Westminster City Council, in cases ranging from street trading to planning and breaches of trading standards regulations.

Much of Richard’s early career involved acting in cases involving police discipline, presenting and defending cases in tribunals. He has experience also in inquests and inquiries.  In 1998 he was instructed to represent a number of officers in the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. He has regularly represented and advised police officers and barristers in disciplinary proceedings. He served two terms on the Conduct Committee of the Bar Standards Board.

Cases of interest include:

Covid-19 Inquiry, 2022-   . Leading Chris Harper, Richard is instructed by Linda Barker of Duncan Lewis Solicitors to represent the Independent Ambulance Association, a designated Core Participant in Module 3 of the government’s Inquiry into the impact of Covid-19 on healthcare systems in the UK.

His opening observations at the preliminary hearing can be seen at 4:25 of the recording of proceedings.

Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, 1997-1998. Led by Michael Egan QC (now Registrar of Criminal Appeals, Queen’s Coroner and Attorney and Master of the Crown Office). Involved in six-month inquiry and subsequent consultation.

Richard has often advised on cases requiring assistance from overseas jurisdictions, assisting in drafting documents to secure evidence and material from abroad. Occasionally this has necessitated travel overseas to identify and secure relevant material.

Cases of interest include:

R v T (Isleworth Crown Court, 2016) – Joint investigation by British, Czech and Belgian authorities into the human trafficking and money laundering activities of Organised Crime Group which arranged the trafficking of Albanian nationals to the UK.

Richard is an approved advocacy trainer [Middle Temple], he has lectured to solicitors and other professionals on topics including money laundering, confiscation, obtaining evidence from abroad, abuse of process and disclosure.

Richard has featured in the TV program Evil up Close on the Crime Channel, analysing the facts surrounding the violent murder of Sarah Thomas. Conviction resulted in the defendant receiving a life sentence with no possibility of release, joining a list of only about 40 cases where such a sentence has been imposed.

He has appeared as a studio guest with John Sopel on the pilot program for BBC World News Global, and as a live guest for BBC World News debating the collective decision by lawyers from the Saket Bar Association of New Delhi not to represent defendants in the notorious gang rape and murder of a 23 year old student.’

YouTube video

Richard is a member of the Criminal Bar Association, Fraud Advisory Panel, Justice, and the Howard League for Penal Reform.

Reported Cases

R v Al-Safee [2022] EWCA Crim 396 – drugs importation, defence application for permission to appeal where the court at trial excluded evidence of previous related activities outside of the defendant’s knowledge

R v Fowler [Minadaki & Hanley, 2018] EWCA Crim 473 – International drugs offences, cross-border conspiracies and circumstances where Attorney General’s consent is required to prosecute.

R v M [2015] EWCA Crim 1928 – Historic abuse allegations, circumstances where stay of proceedings is appropriate, loss of documents.

R v Gordon [2015] EWCA Crim 1136 – Conspiracy, possession of prohibited firearms with intent, search warrants, sentence length.

R v Burton [2015] EWCA Crim 1307 – Appropriate circumstances for second retrials.

R v Godber & Roberts [2013] EWCA Crim 2623 – Abuse of process, severance, admissibility of previous convictions.

R v Imiela [2013] EWCA Crim 2171 – Retrospective application of bad character provisions.

R v Ward [2013] EWCA Crim 403 – Calculation of the starting point for defendant with lesser role in large scale drug importation.

R v Baxendale [2012] EWCA Crim 174 – Whole life sentences in murder cases.

R v Zahid [2010] EWCA Crim 2158 – Mens rea and strict liability offences under Firearms Act 1968.

R v Grewal and others [2008] EWCA Crim 1877 – Sentencing young offender in offence of unprovoked serious violence.

R v Z [2009] EWCA Crim 2476 – Circumstances when preparatory hearings are appropriate.

Attorney-General’s Reference (No 15 of 1998) 1 Cr App R (S) 209: Appropriate sentence in case of premeditated glassing.


‘Gambling Addiction and its Connection to Serious Offending’, Counsel Magazine, January 2019. Counsel Magazine Article 

‘The Aged Accused’, Counsel Magazine, November 2016 . Counsel Magazine Article

Guidance for Abuse of Process Applications, Practical Law 2015 . Practical Law.

Member of the Fraud Advisory Panel’s Legislative Review Working Group drafting the Fraud Advisory Panel’s official response to the Attorney-General’s Office consultation papers entitled ‘The Introduction of a Plea Negotiation Framework in Fraud Cases in England and Wales’, 2008, and ‘Extending the Powers of the Crown Court to Prevent Fraud and Compensate Victims’, 2008

Author of Fraud Advisory Panel’s official response to Department of Constitutional Affairs’ consultation paper entitled ‘Judicial Powers to Manage Conflict of Interest and Capacity Issues in VHCC’, 2006.