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David Harounoff and Benjamin Waidhofer secure acquittals for conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm in a drive-by shooting

David Harounoff leading Benjamin Waidhofer, instructed by Khaleeq Zaman and Vijesh Saujani of SJ Law represented a defendant indicted with three offences of ‘conspiracy to murder’, ‘conspiracy to cause ‘grievous bodily harm’ and ‘causing grievous bodily harm’ in respect of a targeted shooting of the complainant and his pregnant girlfriend. Multiple gunmen were said to have been involved in the shooting.

Following a five-week trial, the jury returned verdicts of ‘not guilty’ in respect of each and every count alleged against the defendant.

The case against the defendant was that he was involved in the use of a ‘tracker’ affixed to the victim’s vehicle and links between the defendant and an unusual firearm used in the shooting.  The preparation of the defence case involved the use of live-link to witnesses in Somalia and a forensic analysis of multiple telephone downloads, telematics and cell-site telephone data with both detailed examination and cross-examination of experts called by both the prosecution and defence.