Mark Seymour and Benjamin Waidhofer

Mark Seymour and Benjamin Waidhofer secure acquittals following a 5-year investigation into an alleged £9 million pension liberation fraud.

Mark Seymour and Benjamin Waidhofer, instructed by David Janes and Victoria Gregory of Janes Solicitors, represented the lead defendant at a trial which was due to last for 6 weeks at Swansea Crown Court.

The case focussed upon allegations of dishonest and false tax advice said to have caused loss to over 800 victims.

Following a fortnight of forensic cross-examination, the prosecution conceded that the charge at the heart of the case could no longer be maintained and, of the seven counts indicted, the prosecution accepted guilty pleas to two counts of the indictment.  Notwithstanding the allegation that the lead defendant had been involved in £9 million fraud, in light of cross-examination at trial, the prosecution accepted those pleas on the basis they caused zero loss.

For those two offences, the defendant was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 12 months, suspended for 2 years.