Neil Griffin leading James Gwatkin

Neil Griffin leading James Gwatkin represents client unanimously acquitted after three week trial at Harrow Crown Court

Neil Griffin leading James Gwatkin, instructed by Mel Kelemework of ABV Solicitors, represented a client charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs in a three week trial at Harrow Crown Court.

The prosecution case was that SH played a leading role running a drugs line that had operated around Harrow in 2020. The defence involved detailed scrutiny of over 15,000 pages of telephone & cell-site evidence, seeking to refute assertions made and inferences sought by the prosecution and robustly challenging expert evidence and extensive reports. SH’s two previous convictions for class A drug trafficking offences were introduced by the prosecution, as was fingerprint evidence purporting to link SH to a drugs ledger found in a co-defendant’s property. 

SH was unanimously acquitted of being involved in the conpsiracy.