Shamini Jayanathan

Shamini Jayanathan OBE

“Shamini has been instrumental in building criminal justice capacity in Kenya, bringing with her a wealth of trial expertise and understanding of the challenges of prosecution and trial of serious crime.”

Former Attorney General of Kenya, Professor Githu Mugai


Bachelor of Laws LLB


Bar Council, UK
International bar Association



Overview of Practice

Shamini Jayanathan is the Director of Arcturus Consultancy Ltd, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Following nearly 16 years practice as a criminal barrister in the UK, she moved into rule of law capacity building across Africa and Asia. For over three years she focused on building legislative, prosecutorial and judicial capacity within the sphere of counter-terrorism in Kenya, Somalia and Somaliland before advising governments, the United Nations and other organisations in the design and implementation of criminal justice solutions to illegal wildlife trafficking. Shamini initiated a scheme to extrapolate the banking sectors’ ‘know your customer’ framework to the import/export sector in Kenya – the first of its kind in Africa. She has delivered UK-based charging standards for prosecutions and criminal procedure rules across numerous African jurisdictions and her interventions in the field of wildlife trafficking are being replicated globally.


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